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CBD Oil in Idaho: Is it Legal & Where to Buy

These days, the CBD industry is experiencing growth like never before. People are now turning to CBD as a natural way to help them with a variety of different issues. But regardless of why you use CBD, you should learn the ins and outs of your state laws so that you can be sure you’re using it legally as well as buying the right types of products. 

Many consumers who are new to the industry have questions surrounding the legality of CBD and if they’ll be able to find high-quality CBD oil anywhere in the state of Idaho. If you call Idaho your home, then you may want to know where the state’s government stands on both hemp and marijuana products. 

CBD in Idaho: Everything You Need to Know

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Selling and using CBD has been legal in Idaho since 2018. Having said that, it’s useful to know that the state has stricter regulations on CBD than other states like Colorado, California, and Oregon. CBD oil is only legal in Idaho if it contains zero THC. In fact, even the product label has to indicate as such. 

According to Idaho Code 37-2701, only THC-free products can be excluded from the category of marijuana. Interestingly, any CBD containing THC — even if it is only 0.3% or less — is labeled as a controlled substance. So if you’re caught by law enforcement with marijuana or hemp extracts containing more than 3oz net weight of THC, then you can be charged with a misdemeanor. 

Moreover, the government of Idaho also has rules in place for THC-free CBD products. In order for a product to not be classified as marijuana, it has to: 

  • Be made from industrial hemp
  • Extracted from mature hemp plant stalks
  • Be made from industrial hemp plant seeds
  • Be made from sterilized seeds that are not able to be germinated
  • Have derivatives (if any) that come from the preparation of mature hemp stalks

The good thing to know is that CBD is not completely illegal in Idaho. In 2015, the state’s governor issued an executive order that gave Idaho residents an Extended Access Program, or EAP. This program allows children with intractable epilepsy access FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs that are made with CBD. 

Even though those who reside in the state can purchase THC-free CBD products, the laws are unclear as to whether vendors need a special license to sell such products. Furthermore, it’s illegal to farm hemp in the state. 

Lastly, any CBD products that are brought into Idaho are subject to testing upon arrival. Those who transport CBD products must agree to random inspections. During an inspection, authorities have the right to obtain a sample of a product to test it further.

Is CBD Legal in Idaho? 

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CBD is legal in Idaho as long as it is free of THC and not made from marijuana. So if you’re wanting to buy CBD in the Gem State, you’ll have to make sure that it’s made from industrial hemp and not marijuana. 

In 2018, the federal government passed the Farm Bill. This legalized CBD throughout the United States, providing it is derived from hemp and contains 0.3% or less THC. Even though the 2018 Farm Bill is in effect, residents of Idaho may still want to be mindful to buy THC-free CBD products made from hemp. 

Anyone found possessing less than three ounces of cannabis and its derivatives can be charged with a misdemeanor and face up to five year in jail and/or a $1000 fine.  

Can You Legally Buy CBD Oil in Idaho?

You can legally buy CBD oil throughout the United States as long as it’s made from hemp and contains 0.3% or less THC per federal guidelines. However, if you’re looking to follow state laws in Idaho, then you’ll need to buy hemp-based CBD that is THC-free. Keeping all of this in mind, you should still research the legality of CBD in general so that you can have that knowledge under your belt before buying any products. And since there’s a legal gray area when it comes to CBD in Idaho, you may want to opt for THC-free products. 

What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil in Idaho

Whether you live in Idaho or in another state, you should research brands and products before buying CBD oil. Some things you should consider before buying CBD oil are: 

  • Third-party lab reports — Third-party lab reports give detailed information about the purity and potency of the product you’re interested in buying. 
  • Brands that make wild claims about their products — Trusted brands are clear about what their products can and cannot do.  
  • The extraction method used — Currently, the CO2 extraction method is the industry preferred process that yields pure and potent extracts. 
  • CBD variety — Products can be full-spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. If you want to get the most out of your CBD, then opt for full- or broad spectrum products.  
  • Hemp source — Go with brands that use organic hemp that’s grown and harvested within the United States. Hemp from overseas is not held to the same standards as hemp that’s grown domestically.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Idaho

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One of the best places to buy CBD oil in Idaho is online. When you shop for CBD oil online, you can take all the time you need to research brands, products, and CBD. Not only that, but your order will be shipped directly to your doorstep. Moreover, trusted online brands also offer discount programs, coupon codes, and subscription clubs that will help you to save some money on your orders. 

 If you do venture out to a brick and mortar location, then you may want to visit the following stores:


  • Nugget CBD
  • The Honey Pot CBD
  • White Pine Organics CBD


  • Big Smoke
  • Compass Eudaemonia
  • Enliven CBD
  • The Happy Hippy
  • Weedology

Coeur D’Alene

  • Cannabis & Glass
  • VAPE
  • Treehouse Club
  • Coeur D’Alene Pipe & Cigar

Idaho Falls

  • KuKista
  • Mountain Medicinals Dispensary
  • Snake River Solace CBD Store
  • The Vaping Outlet


  • Greenfield Company Cannabis Retail
  • Sativa Sister
  • Canna4Life


  • Vapor Loft Chinden
  • White Pine Organics CBD


  • Inhale Bliss
  • Nugget CBD — Nampa
  • Enliven CBD


  • Juicy Vapor
  • Outlaw Vapor Pocatello
  • The Vaping Outlet
  • Pegasus A to Z

Twin Falls

  • Twin Falls County Weed Control
  • VAPE

The Legality of CBD Oil in Idaho

As we stated earlier, CBD oil is legal in Idaho as long as it’s hemp-based and is THC-free. On the federal level, hemp-derived CBD that has 0.3% or less THC is legal throughout the United States. If you’re nervous about getting into hot water with the law, then as long as you’re in Idaho, you may want to stick to buying THC-free CBD oil. 

CBD Oil in Idaho: Online Shops vs Local Stores

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There’s nothing quite like shopping for CBD oil from the comfort of your home. Indeed, there are many excellent reasons (like the ones we’ve profiled above), for shopping for CBD oil online. However, yet another reason for shopping online for your CBD oil is that when you venture out to an actual store, there’s no guarantee that the employees will be able to address your questions or needs in a way that’s satisfactory to you. Keep in mind that sometimes stores can also be limited in both stock and variety as well. 

Shopping for CBD oil in local stores works if you don’t want to wait for your purchase to be shipped to you. And once you find a store that you like, you can begin building a relationship with the owner and/or employees. When you shop in stores for CBD oil, you need to know what to look for in a brand and product beforehand. It can be frustrating to feel limited by store hours or product options if you don’t have a brand, a product, or even some buying criteria in mind.

Summary on Legality and Buying CBD Oil in Idaho

The state of Idaho has tricky laws on its books when it comes to CBD, and it looks like the full legalization of CBD won’t be a reality for Idahoans anytime soon. The good news is that residents can legally buy hemp-based CBD as long as it has zero THC in it. 

One of the safest ways to buy CBD oil in the state is through trustworthy online and brick and mortar locations. While physical stores offer a fast and convenient way to buy CBD, online stores can provide more information on the products they sell, as well as discounts, coupon codes, and subscription clubs.  Moreover, you can easily verify the THC content and read independent lab reports when you shop online. 

Regardless of whether you buy CBD oil online or in a store in Idaho, you should still double-check the reputation of any brand that you’re interested in. Don’t fall into the trap of being one of those customers who makes poor buying decisions because they’ve been seduced by fancy buzzwords and promises that seem too good to be true.