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CBD Oil in Florida: Is it Legal & Where to Buy

The state of Florida has come a long way when it comes to cannabis legislation. In fact, the state permits patients who have a medicinal marijuana card to purchase CBD oil that contains well over the federal legal limit of 0.3% THC, providing they’ve been diagnosed with a qualifying condition. 

Additionally, the state also allows the sale of hemp-based CBD products, which are also federally legal providing they contain 0.3% or less THC. 

Our brief guide will help lead you to some of the best places to buy CBD products in the Sunshine State both online and in person.

CBD in Florida: Everything You Should Know

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Unlike the 2018 Farm Bill, which clearly lays out the legal status of hemp-based CBD products per the federal government, cannabis laws for each individual state can be a bit confusing and convoluted at times. That’s because each state has different laws in effect when it comes to medicinal and recreational marijuana.

Marijuana-based products contain well over 0.3% THC and will cause consumers to feel a euphoric “high” sensation. On the federal level, marijuana is illegal, however, each state can have its own legislation for marijuana-based products. 

The good news is that marijuana and hemp laws are extremely liberal in Florida.

In 2014, Rick Scot, the state’s governor at that time, signed Senate Bill 1071 into law. This bill made the marijuana strain Charlotte’s Web legal to use in the treatment of epilepsy.

Then in 2016, Amendment 2 passed which gave residents access to medicinal marijuana. 

In order for people to obtain a medicinal marijuana card in Florida, they must be diagnosed with one of the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • ALS
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • PTSD
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • A debilitating medical issue that a physician feels medicinal marijuana would be helpful to the patient.

Residents, however, cannot grow their own marijuana in Florida. Instead, they must purchase it from a state-licensed dispensary.

Legal Status of CBD in Florida

As we just stated, hemp-based CBD products are legal throughout all 50 states because of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. 

Any hemp-derived CBD products like topicals, softgels, oils, gummies, capsules, etc, that contain 0.3% or less THC cannot cause consumers to feel “high” when using them. 

In 2014, a measure was passed by the Florida House of Representatives that halted the prosecution of anyone possessing CBD oil with low amounts of THC in it. These products are defined as any CBD oils with less than 0.5% THC and over 15% CBD. This measure was passed as a way to stop people from being prosecuted who used the oil to help with their seizures. 

Just a couple of years ago, the laws in Florida were updated to be more in line with those laid out in the 2018 Farm Bill. Now, hemp plants and hemp-derived CBD are allowed in the state, so consumers should have no issues if they want to buy CBD in Florida

Can You Legally Buy CBD Products in Florida?

Today, a wealth of CBD products in Florida are purchased online and in stores each and every day, as there currently are no legal issues in doing so. 

Consumers living in Florida can purchase the full range of CBD products including oil, gummies, topicals, softgels, and capsules without any issues in the state. As long as the CBD product is made from the industrial hemp plant and contains 0.3% or less THC, you can legally buy it over the counter in Florida.

Any marijuana-based product that has well over 0.3% THC can only be bought in a medical dispensary as long as you possess a medicinal marijuana license in the state. 

What to Look for Before Buying CBD Oil in Florida

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Whether you’re looking to buy your CBD oil online or in a store, you should carefully read the product label and do your own research before spending any of your hard-earned money. 

Some of the things you can do to help you avoid buying a sub-par product that’s potentially loaded with harmful chemicals are:

  • Buy products from brands that use an independent third-party lab to routinely test all of their products - Independent labs test products for potency and purity. Respected brands then post those lab reports on their websites where customers can easily find them and read them. 
  • Select full-spectrum CBD products - Full-spectrum products are created using the entire hemp plant. Therefore, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the good stuff that the hemp plant has to offer like phytonutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids. If you have concerns about THC, then broad spectrum products are the next best option, as all of the THC has been filtered out of them. 
  • Look for organic hemp sources - Organic hemp is grown according to a strict set of government standards, therefore, there’s little chance of there being any dangerous chemicals in the final product. And because the hemp plant has the ability to easily soak up any harmful chemicals that are sprayed on it, you should always go with brands that use organic hemp to make their products. Some of the highest quality CBD products come from hemp that’s grown on farms that don’t use herbicides, pesticides, or growth enhancers.
  • Steer clear of brands that make outlandish claims about their products - While CBD may be able to help with a wide array of issues, it doesn’t bring about miracle cures. So, if you notice that a brand is claiming that their CBD can cure cancer and other types of diseases, then you’ll want to avoid buying products from them.
  • Go with brands that use the industry preferred CO2 extraction process - This method yields CBD extracts that are clean, potent, and effective. Most trusted brands use this method to obtain their extracts. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Florida

Whether you’re a resident or are just visiting, the best places to buy CBD oil in Florida are online and in some well-known and trusted brick and mortar locations. In fact, knowing where to buy CBD oil in Florida will help to save you a lot of stress and frustration in the long-run.

Just as you would do online, you should also spend some time visiting different physical CBD store locations so that you can get a feel for the store’s atmosphere, gauge how wide or limited their selection is, and speak with regular customers about why they like and trust the store. Whether you’re buying CBD online or in person at a store, research is always key.

What are the Benefits of Buying CBD Online?

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Typically, the best way to buy CBD oil is through a reputable online brand. When you shop for CBD online from the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to take as much time as you need to deeply research both the product and the brand. Moreover, there’s nothing more convenient than having your order shipped directly to your doorstep. 

If you decide to take a last-minute trip to the brick and mortar store down the road, you may have to deal with a limited selection and stock. Additionally, those third-party lab reports might not be available for you to read. There’s also no guarantee that store employees will be able to answer all of your questions and/or answer them as thoroughly as you would like them to.

When shopping online, you’ll be able to compare brands and prices. Furthermore, most online brands also offer special discount programs, coupon codes, and subscription clubs that will help you save some money on your orders in the long-run. 

Local CBD Stores in Florida

If you’re looking to take a trip to a brick and mortar store to buy your CBD, then these are some of the best retailers to visit around the state to buy CBD products in Florida


  • VaporFi
  • Miami Vapor Shop
  • Trulieve Miami


  • Laughing Grass
  • Your CBD Store
  • Blackhat Vapor
  • New Leaf Vapor Company


  • KNOX Cannabis Dispensary
  • Fast Eddie’s Vape Shop
  • Trulieve Orlando


  • MUV Dispensary
  • VidaCan
  • FLUENT Cannabis Dispensary

In Summary: Legality and Buying CBD Oil in Florida

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The state of Florida has come a long way on the topic of cannabis. In fact, the state’s government recently started a medicinal marijuana program for residents diagnosed with various qualifying diseases and conditions. In this program, residents with a medicinal marijuana card can purchase high THC strains.

The great news is that you don’t need a special card to purchase hemp-based CBD products in the state. Thanks to federal legislation, hemp-derived CBD is legal throughout all 50 states. So even though you’re required to purchase medicinal marijuana at special dispensaries in Florida, the good news is that you can buy CBD from just about anywhere — online and in brick and mortar locations. The trick is doing your research so that you’re buying top-quality products from trusted brands. 

Finding your way through the CBD industry can feel like a daunting task because of the various regulations that exist from state to state. Therefore, while it might be easier to visit a CBD store near you, we recommend shopping for products from trusted online brands. This will ensure that you’re getting top-quality products at great prices. 

When you take some time to educate yourself about cannabis, the laws surrounding it, and about hemp and marijuana products in general, you’ll be able to confidently locate a solid source to buy CBD oil from in the Sunshine State.