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CBD Oil in Arizona: Is It Legal & Where to Buy 

If you live in Arizona and are looking to begin a CBD regimen, then chances are you’re wondering if it’s legal to buy and possess these types of products in the state. The good news is that both hemp-based and marijuana-based products are legal in Arizona, with some minor exceptions. Our brief guide will give you the ins and outs of buying CBD in the Grand Canyon State. We’ll also go over what you need to know to find trusted CBD brands who make and sell high-quality products. 

CBD Oil in Arizona: Everything You Should Know

Buying CBD products in Arizona is as simple as going to the local brick and mortar location down the road or visiting a trusted and reputable brand online. Keep in mind that when you buy CBD from a store you may not be able to find out much about the brand or the product. Moreover, the employees may not be able to thoroughly answer every question that you have. When shopping for CBD oil in stores, you’re also limited to store hours and product lines that they sell. When shopping for CBD online, you can take as much time as you need to look into both the product and the brand, as well as educate yourself on CBD in general.

Whether shopping for CBD oil in a store or online, you should do the following: 

1. Read Product Third-Party Lab Reports or COA’s 

Legitimate and reputable brands have all of their products routinely tested by an independent third-party lab. They will then make those reports, or COA’s (certificates of analysis), easy for customers to find by either publishing them on their website, printing a QR code on product packaging that customers can scan, or make reports available by request by calling the customer service department. In short, reputable brands have their products tested and have nothing to hide. These reports contain information about a product’s cannabinoid content, as well as any contaminants, pesticides, solvents, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and other chemicals that could be lurking in it. Any brand that doesn’t have its products tested or that isn’t forthright about the information found in those reports should be avoided at all costs.

2. Keep Away From Brands That Make Wild Claims

Brands that make outlandish claims about what their products can do should be avoided. For example, if a brand claims that its products cure diseases or can instantly solve any type of health issue, then that should raise a giant red flag for you as a consumer. While scientific studies do confirm certain positive aspects of CBD, FDA guidelines state that it’s illegal for CBD brands to make targeted health claims about its products. Reputable brands are highly transparent and do not make any claims about their products. 

3. Read All Verified Customer Reviews

The words of verified customers are very important. These reviews will also help guard you against potentially buying a low-quality product. Customer reviews and feedback help give you a solid idea of what you can expect from a CBD product, as well as give you strong information about the brand in general. If you find yourself reading lots of negative reviews online, or if you see that there aren’t any reviews available at all, then this is a sign that the brand you’re looking at isn’t a reputable one in the first place. Trusted brands have a wealth of customer reviews that you can find by either searching on the brand’s website or find by performing a simple search in your favorite search engine. 

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Is CBD Legal in Arizona?

CBD can be made from two different plants — either hemp or marijuana. Both of these plants are varieties of the cannabis plant. In the state of Arizona, products made from both of these cannabis plant varieties are legal. The Arizona State Legislature legalized industrial hemp through the passing of SB1098 in May of 2018. This bill effectively legalized the use of hemp and its parts. Not long after, hemp-derived CBD became federally legal with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Under this legislation, all hemp-based CBD products can be legally bought and sold across the United States, providing they contain 0.3% or less THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, one of the main compounds in the cannabis plant that evokes a euphoric “high” when taken in large quantities. Marijuana-based products that naturally contain well over 0.3% THC continue to be federally illegal. These types of products are legal, however, in states that have medicinal and/or recreational marijuana laws in effect. 

Both SB1098 and the 2018 Farm Bill make it legal for people who live in Arizona to buy hemp-based CBD products without fear of any legal ramifications. The passing of these pieces of legislation also mean that Arizonans can buy CBD products that are made from hemp without a prescription from their doctor, providing that the products contain at or less 0.3% THC.

Is Marijuana Legal in Colorado?

People who reside in Arizona can only use marijuana-based products if they’re registered as a patient and have been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition under the state’s Medical Marijuana Act of 2010. These people will also need a doctor’s recommendation to buy any type of marijuana-derived CBD products under this legislation. Interestingly, qualifying medical marijuana patients are allowed to buy up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana every 14 days. Additionally, if they live more than 25 miles away from a licensed dispensary, they’re also allowed to grow up to 12 marijuana plants.

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Arizona residents voted to pass Proposition 207 in November of 2020. This ballot initiative legalized the use of marijuana for adults over 21 years of age. Under this law, adults over 21 years old can legally buy and use marijuana recreationally.

However, they’re only allowed to possess about one ounce of marijuana and 5 grams of marijuana concentrate in their homes. Also under this new law, Arizona residents can grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes, and can give up to an ounce of marijuana to another adult in private as long as money isn’t involved. This new law doesn’t, however, allow marijuana to be smoked out in public. Even though marijuana is legal in Arizona, it’s still illegal on the federal level. Therefore, it’s still seen as a Schedule I drug, so bringing marijuana across state lines could land you in a mountain of legal troubles.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Arizona

In Arizona you'll have your pick of smoke shops, CBD stores, and Marijuana dispensaries. Especially since it's so available, be sure you're looking into each product thoroughly before you buy. There are a lot of fakes out there.

Buying CBD Oil Online in Arizona

It's easy and simple to buy CBD online in Arizona. There are no restrictions about ordering it and paying online for its delivery, even if it's coming from outside the state border. Buying CBD oil online is a great way to go because it's usually where you'll find the most information about each product. Because there isn't a physical item for customers to hold, online sellers are held to high standards of reporting when it comes to their products. Check reviews, look at certificates of analysis, and read up on the ingredients!

Buying CBD Oil Locally in Arizona

There are loads of CBD stores in Arizona. We've listed a few below in case you're in the Grand Canyon State and looking for a shop!


CBD Emporium
1528 E Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014

azWHOLEistic Phoenix CBD Dispensary 
13636 N Tatum Blvd #21a, Phoenix, AZ 85032


CBD Wellness 
5390 W Ina Rd #1, Tucson, AZ 85743

My Green Closet CBD
241 W Esperanza Blvd, Green Valley, AZ 85614

CBD Oil in Arizona: Online Shops vs Local Stores

When you buy CBD oil from reputable and respected brands online, like FAB CBD, there are many advantages. For starters, you can spend as much time as you need shopping for hemp-based CBD from the comfort of your home. Then once your order is placed, it will be shipped directly to your doorstep. Shopping for CBD oil online is also a good way to go because many trusted brands will have coupon codes, discount programs, sales, or subscribe and save discount programs that you can take advantage of. Shopping online for CBD also gives you access to important information about the brand and its products so you’ll be able to decide which particular type of product best suits your needs and goals. Shopping online also gives you the opportunity to quickly compare brands and products without having to travel from store to store. 

Shopping for CBD  in local stores and dispensaries is a great way to support your local community, however, you may not be able to properly get all the information you need about a CBD product or brand. For example, you may have a hard time figuring out where a brand sources its hemp from while in a brick and mortar location versus being able to look it right up online at home. Researching information about brands and products online gives you the opportunity to be a well-informed and educated consumer. You’ll have more of a chance to use what you’ve learned while shopping for CBD oil online as opposed to going to a store.

What to Look for When Buying CBD Oil in Arizona 

Always research whatever product you're thinking of buying. Even if the branding looks tight and the packaging is pretty, you'll want to follow this checklist before purchasing:

  • Check 3rd part lab reports
  • Read the ingredients
  • Read customer reviews
  • Make sure the company has a return policy, like a 30-day money-back guarantee


Summary on Legality and Buying CBD Oil in Arizona

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The state of Arizona makes CBD easily accessible for anyone who wishes to buy it. Since there are a wealth of brands and products in today’s industry, it pays to do your research so that you can find the best products from trusted brands that best suit your unique needs. Even though it’s easy to hop in your car and drive down the road to the closest CBD store, the most convenient and easiest way to purchase top-notch CBD oil for less money is to buy it through a respected brand online. While CBD can be made from the hemp or marijuana plant, you can only shop for marijuana-based products in Arizona in a licensed dispensary. Your best bet to finding high-quality hemp-based CBD is by shopping online. Lastly, when selecting CBD products in Arizona, always opt for clean, potent products made by top-notch, transparent brands that have been thoroughly tested by a third-party lab.