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What is Water-Soluble CBD: Is It a Game Changer?

 There are many different types and varieties of CBD, but did you know there’s also water-soluble CBD? According to the brands that sell this type of product, it has many unique and distinct properties. These brands also claim that water-soluble CBD is better absorbed into the body over traditional oil-soluble CBD products. But before you buy any CBD at all, it’s a great idea to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. The more you learn about CBD, the higher the chances are that you’ll be able to select the best, cleanest, and most potent products for your overall needs. 

What is Water-Soluble CBD?

When something is referred to as water-soluble, this simply means that it can be dissolved in water. For example, at least eight B vitamins and vitamin C are water-soluble. Since more than 60% of the human body consists of water, then you might think that water-soluble vitamins and CBD products are the way to go. This, however, may not be so as there are many different considerations to be aware of when it comes to CBD in general.

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If CBD oil is an oil, then how can it be water-soluble? While we know that oil and water don’t mix, it’s important to know that water-soluble CBD is not what you think it may be. Water-soluble CBD is made by breaking CBD molecules down into nanoparticles, or smaller-sized molecules, that can be better absorbed into the body. Therefore, it probably makes more sense to call it water-compatible CBD or emulsified CBD instead of water-soluble because the CBD is able to remain suspended in water instead of clumping together.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Water-Soluble CBD?

In order to turn the molecules into nanoparticles, further processing and ingredients are needed. Additionally, the nanoparticles are also coated and bonded with other components. Because of this, even though scientists know that water-soluble nanoparticles affect the body in different ways, they’re unsure of whether it’s specifically the particle size or the added ingredients that cause this. They also don’t know if there are any unique benefits to the nanoparticles in water-soluble CBD. 

How is Water-Soluble CBD Taken and Absorbed by the Body?

When you take CBD, it goes through the same process as anything else that’s digested and absorbed into the body. Interestingly, water-soluble CBD acts very much like vitamin B12 or carbohydrates, while oil-soluble CBD is akin to vitamin E or cholesterol. As we stated before, because most of the body is made up of water, it’s easier for the body to digest and absorb water-soluble CBD. When someone takes water-soluble CBD, it is absorbed through the walls of the small intestine and then carried into the liver. The liver then metabolizes the CBD before pushing it out into the body’s general circulation. This process is called “first-pass” metabolism because chemical reactions decrease the number of molecules that get sent throughout the body. This can only be achieved when water-soluble or oil-soluble CBD is taken orally and held under the tongue for about 60-seconds so that it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

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Conversely, CBD oil will travel to the liver by a different route. Once the fat is absorbed, it’s integrated into carrier molecules that move through the body’s lymphatic system. The lymph will then drop these molecules into the general circulation where they will then make their way to the liver to go through the “first-pass” metabolism. So, while both water-soluble and oil-soluble molecules wind up in the liver, they both get to their location through very different pathways.

What Types of Varieties Does Water-Soluble CBD Come in?

Just like oil-soluble CBD oils, water-soluble varieties can also come in full-spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate options. Remember that full–spectrum and broad spectrum varieties contain all of the phytonutrients, cannabinoids, and terpenes of the hemp plant. The only difference between the two is that the full-spectrum variety contains 0.3% THC, while broad spectrum has had all of the THC filtered out of it. Finally, CBD isolate products contain only 99% pure CBD, as the rest of the hemp plant components have been filtered out using a special process. The type of product you choose depends on your own unique needs and preferences. As with any type of CBD product, when buying any CBD — whether oil-soluble or water soluble — you should always go with a brand that uses an independent lab to routinely test all of its products. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your body. 

Is Water-Soluble CBD Better Than Oil-Soluble CBD?

Nobody really has a solid answer to this question because scientists are still trying to figure this out. While some brands claim that water-soluble CBD is better absorbed than traditional oil-soluble CBD, there simply aren’t enough scientific studies out there to back up that claim. Until more studies are conducted, the only way to answer that question is to try the different types of CBD oil for yourself. But instead of going through all of that, you could simply just search for the best, most potent, and cleanest CBD oil for your needs. In doing that, you’ll find that reputable brands, like FAB CBD, have some of the cleanest, most effective full-spectrum CBD oils on the market. And so, in the long-run, it really doesn’t matter which type of CBD oil is better over another. What matters is that you find the purest and most potent CBD oil from the most reputable brand.  

So What’s the Best Option?

While the brands that sell water-soluble CBD consider it to be a “game changer,” there’s really no hard scientific-backed evidence that this form of CBD is better than oil-soluble CBD. In shopping for CBD products, it’s important to be careful about jumping on the “latest and greatest products” bandwagon. There’s something to be said about tried and true products made by reputable brands. So, while it may be tempting to see what water-soluble CBD is all about, you might not get the same results that you experienced while using oil-soluble CBD.

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As with anything you’re interested in trying, you should always spend some time doing your research. Take a deep look into both the product and the brand. And while you’re there, don’t forget to read those third-party lab reports so that you can get the full story on any product that catches your eye. When it comes to CBD, always purchase products from well-known brands with a strong reputation among customers and those in the industry, like FAB CBD, that craft clean, potent, and effective products that customers return to time and again.