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How Can You Save With Subscriptions at FAB CBD?

FAB CBD has just given its customers another reason to smile. This week, we’ve launched our CBD Subscribe and Save Discount Club that replaces the old rewards program. Under the FAB CBD Subscribe and Save Discount Club, customers can customize their orders each month to suit their needs by choosing from any product in the FAB CBD line. In the new program, our customers can select how often they wish to have their products delivered to their homes by choosing from a range of every 2 to 10 weeks. In this way, our customers can match the deliveries up with their overall product needs. As an added bonus, customers will also receive a 20% discount on every FAB CBD product that they purchase. 

Why is FAB CBD Subscribe and Save Discount Club Unique?

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Our CBD Subscribe and Save Discount Club is unique because not only does it make buying CBD more convenient for our customers, it also allows them to save on their favorite products. When customers have their FAB CBD favorites scheduled for automatic delivery, it simplifies their life and allows them to save 20% off of every purchase so they won’t have to deal with the hassle of placing a manual order whenever their supply is depleted. Think of it like always being able to get your CBD at sale prices all because you’ve set up your autoship. You never have to worry about placing another order again. 

Customers can add any of these fantastic FAB CBD products to their subscriptions: 

When the FAB CBD team constructed the Subscribe and Save program, we looked deeply into all of the information that we had about our customers’ ordering habits and crafted what we believe is the easiest way for them to save money. Since 20% was the average discount that we offered each year, we decided to make that option available through our subscription program. Customers can choose any product that they want to have delivered to them every 2 to 10 weeks so that they'll never run out of the stuff they love. The good news is that there’s flexibility within the program, so you can always go into your account to update your order if anything changes. For example, you can change your product, CBD oil potency, flavor preference, delivery frequency, and anything else you may need to. As an added bonus, our Subscribe and Save Discount members are automatically entered into monthly raffles and give-aways for free product and limited edition FAB CBD swag. Members also receive early access to new products. 

FAQ on Subscribe and Save

How Can Customers Get Started on Subscriptions?

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Becoming a Subscribe and Save member is easy. When you’re choosing your flavors and strengths on any product page, simply select “Subscribe and Save” and then select the delivery frequency before adding the product to your cart. When you check out, you’ll receive a prompt to create an account. This will complete your subscription order. 

When are Orders Processed?

Once you’ve chosen the products you want to subscribe to, you’ll be prompted to select a frequency for delivery. Your first order will be placed the same day. Afterwards, all of your orders will continue to be placed on the frequency that you selected when you placed your initial order. After your order is placed, it will begin shipping within our normal processing time. 

Can I Update or Change My Payment Method?

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You absolutely can! To update your payment method, simply log into your FAB CBD account and select “My Credit Cards” to change the card you use to make payment with. We’ve designed everything to be as hassle-free as possible so our customers will be able to easily make adjustments whenever they need to. 

How are Products Shipped for Subscriptions?

We offer our customers free shipping on all orders over $99. Orders that don’t qualify for free shipping will be charged a fee of $5.99. Customers have the option to select expedited shipping if they would like to. For all expedited orders, we use FedEx Ground with a 2-5 business day delivery. 

Are There Any Terms and Conditions to be Aware of?

Customers cannot combine other promotions, discounts, or limited time offerings with the standard 20% discount on subscription orders. FAB CBD is also not able to refund the difference in price cost if we’re running a promotional sale for more than a 20% discount. At times, certain bundles that are already discounted may not be available for subscription. 

Why Joining the FAB CBD Subscribe and Save Discount Club is a Great Idea

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There’s no better way to get a discount on all of your favorite FAB CBD products while having them regularly shipped to your doorstep. We’re excited about our Subscribe and Save Discount Club because it means that our customers will have one less thing to worry about in life. Now, they’ll be able to take advantage of a regular 20% discount on all of their most loved FAB CBD products without ever worrying about having to jump online to manually purchase them. With Subscribe and Save, our customers will receive 20% off of everything, be able to choose their delivery schedule, have exclusive access to new products and sample products, and be automatically entered into monthly giveaways for free product, gear, gift cards, and cash. 

Customers who know which FAB CBD products they use and love have been thrilled with the addition of the Subscribe and Save Discount Club because their CBD is now delivered on a reliable and regular schedule. With our new program, there’s no more fighting to find the time to order any of the amazing FAB CBD products you’re just about to run out of. Considering the ease of shipments, the product discount, and all of the fantastic benefits that come along with the new Subscribe and Save Discount Club, it definitely pays to save with FAB CBD.