how to make cbd butter

How to Make CBD Butter

The popularity of CBD is booming, and with such explosive growth, innovative CBD products have been springing up nationwide. One type of product fast gaining traction is CBD edibles, known as a safer alternative to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD without the health risks of smoking. It also appeals to a larger consumer base that doesn't want to smoke yet still be able to dose CBD precisely with longer-lasting effects.

The edible industry has come a long way from cannabis brownies, and today, the range of CBD-infused products is vast, and one key factor in its success is the use of CBD butter. Making your own CBD butter is easier than it seems, and it'll open up a world of culinary possibilities!

You don't have to be a seasoned chef, and whipping up a batch of butter is a rewarding project that can lend a new twist to your baking recipes. In this blog post, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to make your very own CBD butter and share some innovative ways to use it!

What You'll Need

Before making your yummy butter, here are some things you'll need to prep.


  • Double boiler to heat the butter
  • A kitchen scale to measure your ingredients
  • Strainer
  • Airtight container for storage

Clean all your equipment before use to avoid any cross-contamination.


  • 2 cups unsalted butter
  • Top-quality CBD oil or CBD isolate to ensure purity
  • Lecithin to enhance absorption (optional)

Note that CBD butter comes with its own legal and health considerations. Your homemade butter should be produced for personal use only, and always consult your healthcare provider on the dosage before including CBD into your wellness regimen.

How to Make CBD Butter: Step by Step

CBD butter is a fun and easy way to incorporate CBD into your diet! Here's how!

Preparing the Butter

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the butter before infusing it with CBD.

  • Use the double boiler to gently melt the butter to reach a silky and watery consistency. Avoid direct contact between the butter and heat, as it could burn and brown the butter.
  • Once you're happy with the butter's consistency, mix the melted butter with your chosen cannabis oil or isolate and stir.
  • Ensure all ingredients are mixed thoroughly and well incorporated.

Decarboxylation (If Using CBD Flower)

If you're using cannabis flower or any other plant material instead of oil or concentrate, there's an extra step you need to do called decarboxylation, where you will get decarbed cannabis. Decarboxylation removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide by using heat and time. This is an essential step because the flowers from the cannabis plant contain cannabinoids in acidic form. Through decarboxylation, the CBD compounds will be in their most potentially beneficial form.

Here are the steps for decarboxylation:

  • Prepare the CBD flower by grinding it, ideally with a grinder, and removing any seeds or stems.
  • Weigh your bud using a digital scale to create a desired dosage.
  • Bake for around 90 minutes at 240 degrees F. The rate of decarboxylation will depend on the temperature, so ensure you closely monitor the temperature at all times.


After your butter and CBD extract are ready, you can move on to infusion.

  • Combine both the butter and your CBD extract on low heat. Avoid high heat, as it might degrade the active compounds in CBD.
  • Allow enough time for the CBD to infuse thoroughly into the butter, which may take about 2 hours.
  • Remove the mixture from heat after you're done.

Straining and Storing

The last step of making CBD-infused butter is getting it ready for storage.

  • Strain the butter so you can remove any solids to make the mixture smoother. You can use a cheesecloth or a mesh strainer.
  • Pour the strained butter into a clean, airtight container like a mason jar to keep it fresh.
  • Leave it to reach room temperature.
  • Refrigerate or freeze your CBD butter.

The butter will last for several weeks in the fridge, while freezing makes it last for months. You can keep the butter in multiple containers with appropriate portions, keeping one handy for daily use. CBD butter makes an excellent addition to baked goods, savory meals, or snacks!

Potential Benefits of CBD Butter

There are plenty of potential benefits associated with CBD butter over regular CBD products! Bioavailability refers to the extent to which a substance is available for its intended purposes or the rate of its absorption. It's thought that fatty acids, which are abundant in butter, can improve the bioavailability of CBD. A study found that ingesting CBD with or after a meal with high-fat content can potentially increase the absorption by intestinal cells.

Infusing your butter with CBD makes it easier to incorporate into your daily consumption. You can use it for various food and drinks without changing your habits. Short-term use of CBD in medium to high doses shows promise to potentially help support sleep and relaxation*, but further research is still needed to determine its long-term effects.

Creative Ways to Use CBD Butter

Now that you've got your CBD butter prepared and stored, here are some ways to enjoy it!

Baked goods: A classic use of CBD butter is to switch your regular butter in baking recipes to make homemade edibles. Grab a recipe online or buy a premix product, and you're good to go, but be sure you have enough butter to cover the whole recipe. You can also line baking sheets or parchment paper with your cannabutter.

Savory meals: You can incorporate CBD butter into savory meals, such as pasta or sauteed vegetables. These recipes usually require less butter than baked goods to make more meals with your butter stash.

Spread: If you don't feel like cooking a whole meal, try using your CBD butter on your toast, crackers, or any other pastry that you use regular butter on.

Popcorn - Upcoming movie night? Try tossing some hot popcorn in CBD butter to enjoy with your family and friends.

Drinks: You can also infuse your favorite beverages like coffee and tea with CBD butter. Brew a strong cup of black coffee or tea, then add a spoonful of CBD butter. At first, you might find it a tad odd, but it's the perfect energy boost for people who often forget to eat breakfast.

Final Thoughts

Making your own CBD butter is an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily diet. In addition to the possible benefits of CBD, CBD butter is also easily absorbed and processed by our bodies.

Experiment and get creative with your CBD butter recipes to take full advantage of its form. Lastly, always use high-quality CBD oil as your base to ensure you have the best end product.

CBD Butter FAQs

Can CBD butter get you high?

No, CBD butter will not get you high. By law, CBD products have to contain less than 0.3% THC, which is an amount so small that it is unlikely to cause any psychoactive effects. Unlike THC, it is not typical for CBD to cause any psychoactive effects. Be sure to only use top-quality products that have been third-party lab tested to ensure potency and purity.

Is CBD butter safe for everyone?

Generally speaking, CBD butter is likely safe for everyone, but you need to take into account any medications that may interact with CBD. People with highly sensitive lactose intolerance should also steer clear, as butter is made with dairy products and can cause discomfort. When in doubt, always check with your healthcare professional.

How long does CBD butter last?

Usually, CBD butter lasts only around two weeks when stored in the refrigerator and a few months inside the freezer. Unlike ordinary butter, the active compounds in CBD are sensitive to heat. Try sniffing your CBD butter before consuming it, as spoiled CBD butter will have a distinctive fermented fruit smell, and spoilt butter may also show signs of mold on the exterior.

How do I calculate the CBD dosage in my butter?

Calculate your CBD dosage by dividing the CBD concentrate you used by the total weight of your final product or CBD butter. For example, if you use 1000mg of CBD to make a 4-ounce butter, that means you'll have roughly 250mg CBD per ounce of butter you use.

Can CBD butter be frozen for long-term storage?

Yes, you can freeze your CBD butter if you want it to last longer. Freezing CBD butter will give you around six months of shelf life.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.