A neon sign saying "FAB July 4th Sale"

Huge Deals Shine During FAB's 2022 July 4th Sale

This year, we’re celebrating Independence Day a bang. During our special 4th of July Sale that runs from June 30-July 5, 2022, customers can save 30% off of their entire purchase by using a special code at checkout. In the past, we’ve held sales that treated customers to 20% off of their final order, but this Fourth of July, we’re shooting for the stars by hosting a sale that even our founding fathers would be proud of. 

In running this sale, our hope is to help our customers continue to live a preventative wellness lifestyle. So prior to finalizing your order, you’ll simply enter the code FIREWORKS at checkout to receive 30% off of your purchase. 

Try New Products During Our Sale

A bottle of Complete Cannabinoid Softgels spills onto a pink surface, next to another bottle and two red boxes from the softgels.

Our Fourth of July Sale is the perfect time to try some products that you’ve never used before. And on that note, our sale is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to two brand new FAB CBD products: our new CBD capsules and CBD tincture

Complete Cannabinoid Softgels

Our Complete Cannabinoid Softgels are a game-changer in the way that you’ll take your CBD each day. These intriguing gems are packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients in one discreet, easy to take softgel. And since the dose is predetermined, you won’t have to worry about finding that “sweet spot” like you do with CBD oil. 

We’re proud to say that we’re one of the only brands in the industry that makes a vegan softgel. In crafting our Complete Cannabinoid Softgels, we opted to use pectin instead of gelatin for the casings. Our softgels are so convenient that you can easily pop them into a baggie or a container and take them with the rest of your supplements once you reach your final destination. 

If you’re super sensitive to the earthy taste of hemp, then you’ll be happy to know that our softgels don’t taste like anything at all. Additionally, your body can easily break down their soft casing, which makes them easier to digest than CBD capsules that are made with hard outer shells. 

These innovative little powerhouses contain an equal ratio of CBD:CBG:CBN:CBC, which makes them a 4-in-1 product that can be suitable to most every consumer. Not only will these cannabinoids work with your body’s endocannabinoid system, they’ll also work synergistically with one another in a phenomenon best known as the entourage effect. We specifically chose to pair these cannabinoids up with each other because we knew that they’d be more powerful together than they would be apart on their own.

Natural Flavor CBD+CBG Oil

Our 2400mg Natural Flavor CBD+CBG Oil is the one of the newest additions to the FAB CBD line of products. As you may know, we started our CBD+CBG oil line with the popular Citrus and Mint flavors that our customers absolutely love. Because this oil is 2400mg, it contains an equal ratio of 1200mg CBD and 1200mg CBG. 

Our CBD+CBG Oil is jam-packed with botanical terpenes and bioactive cannabinoids that can evoke a powerful entourage effect. Dosing with our CBD+CBG Oil is the same process as with our Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. You’ll simply start low and go up slowly over time. In case you need a refresher, begin by taking a half a dropper-full of the oil once a day for one week. Keep track of how you’re feeling. Then, after a week has passed, feel free to go to a half a dropper-full twice a day if you need to increase your dose. Follow this pattern until you’ve found the best dose for your unique body. Also, if you want to get the most out of your oil, you should hold it in your mouth for 60-seconds before swallowing, and also take it at the same time(s) each day. 

Our CBD+CBG Oil is crafted from non-GMO hemp extract, contains terpenes and natural flavorings, is a full-spectrum cannabinoid blend, and is made with MCT oil, aka medium chain triglyceride oil. As with all of our other products, our oil is also routinely tested by an independent third-party lab. And because we believe in and value transparency, you can find those results right on our website. 

We Believe in Giving Back

People standing near a number of flag poles with American flags waiving in the wind and sun.

This past Memorial Day, we partnered with Homes For Our Troops, one of America’s leading Veterans and Military charities. This organization builds and donates specially adapted custom homes for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans around the nation. The Veterans that HFOT helps have sustained injuries like partial or full paralysis, limb amputations, and/or severe traumatic brain injury during their time in service. The homes that are built help Veterans to regain the freedom and independence that they sacrificed while serving and defending our country. 

To date, Homes For Our Troops has constructed over 320 specially adapted homes throughout the United States, enabling them to get closer to their ultimate goal of building a home for every Veteran who qualifies for one. During our Memorial Day Sale, we donated $1 for every product sold to Homes For Our Troops. We’re proud to say that we were able to donate a grand total of $5000 to the organization. 

We’re grateful that we’ve been able to work with many other meaningful charitable organizations that continue to positively impact people from all walks of life in the world. Giving back has always been important to us as a brand because we know that we’re making a difference in the lives of others in our local community and throughout the nation. In fact, our founder’s email signature has always been. “Hyper-focused on making an impact.” Some of the fantastic charities we’ve worked with include Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, One Tree Planted, Watering Seeds Organization, Operation Underground Railroad, the Milwaukee branch of Feeding America, and Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine. 

Our 4th of July Sale is Explosive

This sale is unlike any of our most recent sales. In fact, it’s bigger. From June 30-July 5, 2022, you’ll receive 30% off of your final order when you enter in the code FIREWORKS at checkout. This July, stock up on some of your favorites or try some new products that you’ve been curious about. And definitely check out our Complete Cannabinoid Softgels and 2400mg Natural Flavor CBD+CBG Oil. 

As a company, not only do we believe in helping our customers live a preventative wellness lifestyle, we also believe that giving back to those in need can help make the world a better place. After all, we want our customers to know that they’re getting top-quality products from a brand that’s “hyper-focused on making an impact” in the world. So this 4th of July, go forth and celebrate America’s independence while stocking up on the CBD products that you know and love.