A check for $10,000 from FAB CBD to Wisconsin Veteran's Chamber

In the Spirit of Love: How We Show Our Love

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” — Aesop While it may feel exciting to be on the receiving end of gift-giving, giving back can be that much more exhilarating and fulfilling. With all of the hardship and turmoil in the world, in taking the time to give back, not only will you be helping to make the world a better place, you’ll also be making an impact in the lives of others. When you think about it, giving back is such a simple thing to do. The options are fairly endless in terms of the ways that you can devote your time or finances to others. Some simple ways to give back are to volunteer at your local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, animal shelter, or clothing donation center. You can even volunteer for organizations that plant trees, organizations that read books to the blind, or organizations that offer virtual or in-person conversation/companionship to those who are isolated and alone. When we give back, we lead by example and show others that we truly care for those in need — both human and animal. When we volunteer our time planting trees or supporting environmental issues, we show others that we care about the health and preservation of the earth and the environment.

How FAB CBD Gives Back to Those in Need

Indeed, showing love is not always about giving or getting the best gifts. Sometimes, showing love comes in the form of the selfless deeds we do for others. To that end, FAB CBD incorporates giving back to others into its mission of helping people to live better lives through innovative, high-quality premium supplementation. To date, FAB CBD has helped a great number of charities and people including:

  • The donation of $10,000 to Operation Underground Railroad, which helped to fund the finding of missing children who have been sexually exploited or sex trafficked.
  • The donation of $10,000 to the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber, funding that helped veterans recover from Covid.
  • The donation of over 50 Chromebooks to local schools in urban Milwaukee areas for students whose families lacked the technology needed for them to continue with remote learning amid the Covid-19 shutdown.
  • Working with their local Make-A-Wish Foundation by donating $10,000 to help make dreams come true for three Milwaukee children with serious medical concerns.
  • Donating holiday gifts and meals to their community members in need.
  • Donating funds in support of Milwaukee’s Northbrook Church that sought to have over 1,000 homemade masks made for the staff at The Milwaukee Rescue Mission and Care Givers in Washington County amid the Covid-19 shutdown.
  • Supporting a local worship center, Mix Church of Milwaukee, with a $5,000 contribution to help alleviate financial strain for the church and its members during the Covid-19 shutdown.
  • Donating $10,000 to the Watering Seeds Organization to help make it possible for the charity to provide education, training, and adaptive sports equipment to help wounded veterans and challenged individuals.
  • Working in partnership with the local Milwaukee branch of Feeding America to secure a $10,000 donation to help supply food to struggling individuals and families amid the Covid-19 shutdown and beyond.

“As a company, we stand for doing good by people. With the help of our customers, we’ve been able to support some pretty amazing causes,” stated FAB CBD’s founder on the brand’s website. “Every order plays a part in creating the highest quality products while still giving back to our communities.”

Different Ways That You Can Show Love

If you’ve been wanting to show others love through giving back in some way but are unsure of where to begin, we’ve listed some suggestions for you as a jumping off point. No matter how you choose to help others, remember to enjoy what you’re doing as well as to do it with an open heart. Did you know that giving back boosts your mood, improves self-esteem, and enables you to create meaningful connections with others? Now you have even more reasons to be of service to others!

Members of the Wisconsin Adaptive Sports Association gather on a basketball court and happily hold an oversized check from FAB CBD for $10,000.

1. Volunteer to Help Build Homes

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity provide people and businesses with the chance to take part in construction projects that build homes for those in need. If time is a major factor for you, the good news is that most of the construction projects take place on the weekends.

2. Hold a Food Drive

While people sometimes only think of holding food drives during the holidays, what they don’t realize is that many individuals and families are in need of food throughout the entire year. By holding a food drive you can encourage others to help you donate new non-perishable food items such as canned or boxed foods, frozen items such as turkeys, or even fresh fruits and vegetables if you know that a charity will immediately hand out the fresh produce. When all is said and done, the contents from the food drive should be transported to your local food bank. If you are looking for an organization that donates or delivers food items throughout the year, then consider contacting your local Meals on Wheels to get started.

3. Volunteer Your Skills to Others

Everyone has a special skill or area of expertise that can be valuable to others. Why not consider volunteering your time to organizations that will be able to best utilize your skills? For example, if you are a great listener or conversationalist, you can give your time to an organization that lines up readers for the blind or one that helps comfort those who are alone or isolated through online or in-person visits. If you’ve always wanted to teach, consider volunteering at a youth center where you can teach or tutor students who are struggling in different subject areas.

4. Fundraising for an Organization of Your Choice

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, then fundraising for a worthy cause is another wonderful way to show some love. When you choose a charity to donate to, not only will you be providing them with much-needed funding, you’ll also be bringing people in your community together in support of an important cause. When you fundraise, you raise awareness about your chosen charity, which may, in turn, inspire others to do the same.

5. Show Some Love for the Environment

If finding ways to protect the planet is your thing, then the good news is that there are many different ways to do that. For example, you can begin with the simple act of picking up litter in your local park or in your neighborhood. Find different ways to recycle various items such as plastics, batteries, paper, or even old sneakers. Lastly, link up with an organization that plants trees, beautifies the environment, or that collects and processes recyclables on a large scale.
Teachers and staff from the Milwaukee Academy of Science hold a check from fab and stand in front of a shipment of computers

Why Giving Back is Good for You

Along with the obvious reasons like helping others and fostering a sense of community, did you know that giving back is also good for you? It’s true: Giving back may be good for both the body and the mind. According to researchers, volunteering may help to reduce stress and create feelings of happiness. When you give back, you:

  • Help others in need
  • Inspire others to give
  • Teach responsibility
  • Help strengthen your self-worth
  • Instill feelings of gratitude and happiness in yourself and others
  • Make an impactful difference in the lives of others.

What are the Reasons Why People Give Back?

There are a great number of reasons why people choose to give back. At the very heart of the matter, people give back because they simply want to help others in need. There are, however, a few more reasons why people show love through giving. Some other amazing reasons people give back include finding ways to:
  • Strengthen community bonding by working with others to help create a healthier and safer place to live.
  • Create ways to make a difference and a rewarding impact on the lives of others.
  • Find a way to meet other community members so that meaningful bonds and friendships can be forged.
  • Learn new skills or improve existing ones.
If you are unable to donate your time by giving back but still want to help others make a significant impact in this world, then purchasing products from brands like FAB CBD is a great way to support companies that work to improve their communities and the lives of others.
FAB presents a check to one of the Feeding America teams in Wisconsin

Showing Love in a Multitude of Ways

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of giving and receiving gifts. And in the busy-ness of life, trying to find the best way to give back to others might feel frustrating and overwhelming. Our greatest piece of advice is to keep it simple. The tiniest gestures of kindness can have the largest impact. And while there are many ways that you can show love by giving back, sometimes starting small is a nice way to begin. Look around your community and see who might need your help. Think about how you can make a difference in the lives of those who live around you. Think about world events and how they might be directly affecting the members of your community. Think local. Like FAB CBD, focus on your schools, your neighborhood, your town, or your city. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of love you can spread by simply giving back to those around you.