Charlie Rocket holds up a note that says "We want to give you $10,000"

Getting and Giving: 4th Quarter Contributions

Our mission at FAB, when it boils down to it, is helping people live in a state of wellbeing. We primarily approach that goal through making top of the line CBD products, but there’s a lot more to it than that. We know that wellness isn’t just about the endocannabinoid system. It’s about all areas of life: social, financial, and how we all interact on lots of levels. 

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An Uplifting Partnership

We love seeing people make moves towards the betterment of their own health, but that’s not the only kind of effort we’re excited about. Charitable action is one of our favorite kinds of action. That’s why we’re joining forces once again with Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine this quarter and donating to their “My Story Isn’t Over” fund for kids who are struggling with cancer.

Similar Foundations

Last year, FAB and its founder, Josh Delaney, donated $30,000 to the Dream Machine, helping Kentucky tornado victims recover after devastating destruction to their homes and families. “It’s great that Charlie’s Dream Machine is designed to help people in so many ways,” Josh says. “From post-disaster fundraising, to making dreams come true for folks with great ideas and a lack of funding, this organization meets people where they are and adds positive momentum. I think coming from a health and wellness background, and working with CBD every day, I see how similar that is to our mission at FAB.”

CBD bottles and a box are on a blue background and each item has a holiday tag hanging from it.

November and December are special months of the year when many of us focus on gratitude, giving, and goodwill. One way that we’re participating is to donate $1 from each sale to this important fund that supports children and their families who are dealing with cancer. If you or a loved one has ever fought or experienced this disease, you know it is scary and hard and it can also have a deep impact on a family’s bottom line. 

Everybody Wins

When you shop with FAB during this time, you’ll be contributing to kids and families who need extra help right now. Our donations don’t mean higher prices, in fact, customers can get their CBD products for less during our huge fall and winter sales. We’re just passing along a portion of each sale to help those who could really use some extra goodwill.

Join us in adding to the swell of good cheer this season; if you thought CBD made you feel good, try out how awesome it feels to help those in need. It will add special meaning to your holiday and it sure will be appreciated by those who receive the support!