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Closing Out 2021 by Continuing Our Charitable Action

For the entirety of this past fourth quarter, the team at FAB CBD has doubled down on their charitable efforts during their partnership with Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine. FAB CBD initially joined forces with the charity prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. At the time of their first venture, a portion of the proceeds from the FAB CBD Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Holiday Sales were donated to Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine, an organization started by former music mogul, Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley, who created the foundation as a way to do something larger in life. The organization serves individuals who lack the money, resources, and support to make their dreams a reality. In order to carry out their mission, the Dream Machine depends on donations from supporters throughout the year.

Charley “Rocket” Jabaley, poses in various pictures

When Charlie answered his calling to do charity work, he packed up all of his personal effects, purchased a tour bus, assembled a like-minded team of individuals, and began trekking across the country to help those gravely in need of assistance. To date, Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine has done everything from building a food truck business from the ground up, to setting up a thriving online cookie shop for a young girl diagnosed with CRPS, a rare and incurable muscle disease. As soon as the team at FAB CBD learned about Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine and all the beautiful ways they were working to change lives, the FAB CBD team knew they had to join forces.

Charlie takes a photo with Lyla, a young girl who created an online cookie shop with the help of the Dream Machine.

Building Community and Changing Lives

By November 9, 2021, FAB CBD and its loyal customers had already donated over $10k to The Dream Machine, and had no plans of stopping there. Because everyone associated with FAB CBD believes in the importance of giving back to both the community and to those in need, we’ve also worked with a number of other amazing organizations and foundations including Make-A-Wish Wisconsin, the Eastern Wisconsin branch of Feeding America, One Tree Planted, Watering Seeds Organization, Operation Underground Railroad, and local Milwaukee schools in need of vital technology. To that end, FAB CBD believes that kindness, compassion, and caring should take place all throughout the year and not just during the holiday season. And before the holiday sales reached their conclusion, FAB CBD and Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine partnered up again to help bring relief to the people of Kentucky. 

Sending Relief and Love to the People of Kentucky

On December 10, 2021, an EF4 tornado ripped through western Kentucky leaving a path of destruction and death in its wake. The tornado ravaged Fulton, Hickman, Graves, Marshall, Lyon, Cadwell, Hopkins, and Muhlenberg counties causing many to be without shelter and basic necessities. Officials believe at least five storms touched down in the area causing at least 74 people to perish and more than 100 people to go missing. Along with miles of destruction, the storms also wiped away over 1,000 homes. After hearing the tragic news, the team at FAB CBD once again partnered with Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine to help the people of Kentucky. Through the holiday sales, $15k was raised for disaster relief in Kentucky, and FAB CBD’s founder generously matched that amount. By the time everything was said and done, a grand total of $30k went to Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine and the Rebuild the Dream Fund. 

A young woman hugs a young child holding a pig wrapped in a blanket

This went to helping them fund projects happening in Kentucky and for families in need who were affected by the destruction of the tornados. All of the funds raised go right to the families. As an entrepreneur myself and previous 501c3 co-founder, we decided to help their operation behind the scenes,” said FAB CBD’s founder. “People building charities have a tough job, and no one wants to keep them paid and fueled to keep helping others. I’ve been in this position before. So, we are glad to help keep Charlie and his team fueled up and helping them to serve these families.”

Helping Huda and Her Children

The FAB CBD team also helped Kentucky resident, Huda, and her children who were tragically impacted by the storms that tore through her county. Not only did Huda lose her house, sadly, she also lost her baby in the destruction. The family of six was in their home when the storms hit. As the roof collapsed down on them, Huda attempted to gather all five children as fast as she could. And while she was able to remove all five kids, her three-year-old son passed away in her arms during the storm in the collapse while she was trying to keep her family safe. Huda and her children lost everything, including part of their family. Both FAB CBD and Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine wanted to help them heal and rebuild. Therefore, a portion of the sale profits were also donated to Huda and her family. 

Image of Huda and her family, after a series of tornadoes devastated Kentucky.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Since FAB CBD burst onto the scene in 2017, we’ve used innovation and science to thoughtfully craft high-quality, clean, and potent CBD products that help customers meet and exceed their health and wellness goals and needs. In that same vein, we’ve always made it our mission to give back to our community and help those in need through our work with various charitable organizations. We truly value both our customers and our community, and that’s why we work diligently to spread happiness to as many people as possible. As a way of making things easier for our customers who may be struggling financially, we’ve created an interest-free payment installment option on our website to give them a little financial breathing room. At the same time, we’ve pledged to continue making and adding to our innovative product line that customers have grown to know and love over the years. 

Keeping the Mission Moving Full-Steam Ahead

A woman in a pink sweater holds an armful of FAB CBD products

We’ve been on a mission to help support our customer’s wellness needs by creating top-notch CBD products. To that end, the team at FAB CBD works hard to make sure that both our customers and their four-legged friends are able to live their best lives through the pure and effective products that we create at FAB CBD, FAB Nutrition, and FAB Pets. In fact, we’re best known for our products that include full-spectrum CBD oils in potent strengths and smooth flavors, “Anytime” and “Nighttime” CBD gummies, Topical CBD Cream, CBD+CBG Oil, Calm & Cool Crunchy CBD Dog Treats, Full-Spectrum Body Salve that both heats and cools troubled muscles and joints, and our silky, non-greasy, freshly scented Topical CBD Cream. We also carry a line of CBD-free vegan Green Superfoods. 

If you would like to donate money to help Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine carry out their mission of helping others in need, you can learn more by visiting Charlie Rocket's website.