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Why Coat Gummies with CBD Instead of Infusing Them?

In the world of CBD gummies, there are a seemingly endless number of varieties to choose from. And while flavor, shape, and strength might seem like important options to weigh out, you should also consider how the gummies were crafted as well. Whether you’ve considered this or not, it really does matter whether the gummies you choose were coated or infused with CBD.

Why Coating Gummies with CBD vs Infusing Them Matters

CBD gummies can either be coated or infused with CBD. And while it may seem like a great idea to purchase gummies that have been infused with CBD, the fact of the matter is that infused gummies are not the most effective way to get the compound into your body. When it comes to eating CBD gummies, you have to think about anatomy and physiology and how your body works to break down items that are ingested. When a gummy is infused with CBD, the compound is injected inside of it. Therefore, when you chew and swallow the gummies, they have to enter into your digestive system and be broken down by the acids and digestive enzymes in your stomach and intestines. And while some of the CBD is absorbed into your body, not all of the CBD in the gummies you eat will ever be completely absorbed because of the harsh chemical makeup of the digestive system.

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After the CBD is broken down by the digestive system, it then makes its way to the liver where it is broken down even further by enzymes before the remaining compounds are then able to enter into the bloodstream. CBD is broken down by both the gut and the liver. Therefore, CBD infused gummies are not necessarily the most efficient method of getting the beneficial cannabinoid compound into your body. Conversely, when the gummies are coated with CBD, your body will have more of a chance to absorb the compound, and in the most effective way possible. When you take the time to savor the taste of the gummy by letting it melt in your mouth a little before chewing and swallowing, the CBD that the gummy has been coated in gets a chance to make its way underneath your tongue. The large area of mucus membranes in the mouth and under the tongue easily absorb the CBD, thus allowing it to completely bypass both the digestive system and the liver. When this happens, the compounds can quickly and more efficiently enter into the bloodstream.

What are the Advantages to CBD Gummies?

  • CBD gummies are fun and easy - There is a lot of convenience associated with CBD gummies. You can basically bring them anywhere and everywhere so that you are able to get your CBD in whenever and wherever you need to. Not only that, but gummies are quick, delicious, and easy to eat.
  • You can take CBD gummies in a very discreet manner - If you don’t want the whole world to know that you use CBD as part of your natural health supplementation regimen, then CBD gummies are the way to go. When you’re out in public, it’s easier to pop a gummy into your mouth over dropping CBD oil underneath your tongue. In short, you probably won’t draw any attention to yourself when you take CBD gummies.
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  • Figuring out dosages is a snap - Since CBD gummies have a set amount of the compound in them per milligram, you will be able to have a more consistent dosing with gummies than you would if you were using a dropper to take CBD oil. Every gummy has the same amount of CBD as the rest of the gummies in the bottle.
  • CBD gummies are delicious and come in fun, fruity flavors - While most CBD oils come in natural, vanilla, mint, or citrus flavors, CBD gummies taste exactly like some of the fun gummy candies you’ve grown to love since you were a kid. If you love the taste of gummy bears or gummy worms, then chances are you will love the taste of CBD gummies.

What to Consider When Choosing CBD Gummies

Just like with any other CBD products, you should definitely do some research and take some things into consideration before selecting a CBD gummy. First and foremost, always go with a highly reputable brand that is transparent and that makes all of its independent third-party laboratory results available to customers on its website. Secondly, by federal law, all CBD products — including CBD gummies — need to have less than 0.3% THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, in them. For those who don’t know, THC is the compound within the cannabis plant that is responsible for causing that euphoric “high” feeling. While there are many brands that do offer full-spectrum and broad spectrum CBD gummies, most of the gummies that you’ll find on today’s market will be made from CBD isolate. If you’re new to the world of CBD, there are three main types of CBD products: full-spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full-spectrum products contain all of the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, and vitamins that the plant has to offer. As stated before, full-spectrum products must legally only contain less than 0.3% THC. Broad spectrum products have all of the same elements and compounds that full-spectrum products do, except they do not contain any THC. Lastly, CBD isolate products contain only 99-100% pure CBD in them and nothing more.

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Think also about the type of gummy that you will purchase. Some gummies are specifically made for daily use to help boost overall health and wellness, while others are designed to help with other issues. We've created two types of gummies for just that reason. If you choose the “Anytime” CBD Chews, then you can get your CBD in anytime during the day. However, if you opt to purchase the “Nighttime” CBD PM Chews, then not only will you be able to enjoy all of the benefits that CBD has to offer, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the many ancient herbs included in the formula that help to promote restful and restorative sleep. Other criteria that you might want to take into consideration:
  • If the brand uses an independent third-party lab to test all of its products for purity and consistency.
  • If the brand makes those lab reports easy for customers to find on its website.
  • Is the hemp used to create the products certified organic and grown in the United States?
  • Do the full-spectrum products contain less than 0.3% THC?
  • Are the products free from pesticides, heavy metals, molds, herbicides, and other dangerous chemicals?
  • Are the products clean and potent?
  • Brand reputation.
  • Certified customer reviews.
  • Product pricing.

Some Final Thoughts

Gummies are a wonderful and fun way to break into the world of CBD. When you are doing your initial research into various CBD brands and gummies, take the time to find out whether the gummies are coated or infused with CBD. While it may feel like a great idea to go with the first brand that strikes your fancy, the fact of the matter is that the way in which the CBD is used to create the gummy makes a big difference in how your body will use the beneficial compound. Gummies that are coated with CBD are more accessible to your body than those that are infused with the compound. So, when you take the time to savor your gummy by letting it melt in your mouth, all of that beneficial CBD covering the gummy has a much better chance at getting into your body through the mucous membranes in your mouth and under your tongue. Sadly, this won’t be the case with CBD infused gummies as the compound will be broken down by both your digestive system and your liver before what’s left of it can enter into your bloodstream.

CBD products don’t always have to be oils and capsules. Indeed, some of the most fun and innovative CBD products come in gummy form. Whatever your reasons for taking CBD gummies as part of your overall health and wellness regimen, you have to agree that at the very least, they are a fun, easy, simple, quick, and delicious way to take advantage of all the benefits that CBD has to offer.