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Finding Your Strength May Take A Few Weeks!

Making sure you figure out your serving size is important!   That is why we are adamant about starting your daily routine right away and sticking to it!

Here are a few “getting started” principles to follow if you are struggling to find your right milligrams per serving of CBD

1.  Pick your oil strength the simple way, by height and weight.

Now, this is debatable of course, but you have to be able to start somewhere so this is easy to do so.

Are you tall or short? are you big or small weight wise?  If your answers are tall+big you might want to lean more towards the 1200mg or 2400mg tinctures.  If you’re tall+small, start with the 600mg or 1200mg CBD Oil tincture options.  Make sense?

And as far as picking one of the two, don’t worry about that either, that’s why we have our oils going up in multiples of 2.  300-600-1200-2400mg.  So you can easily scale between strengths with the same bottle easily. (Not a lot of companies do this to confuse you and order more.)

2.  Take 1 single serving which is half of a dropper or otherwise labeled as 0.5mL.

There are graduated line markings on our droppers to help you figure this out easily!

3.  Pick a specific time throughout the day that you can take your product every single day for 2 weeks straight to load your body with CBD. (we suggest before bed for ease of use).

Stick to this time every day and preferably away from any food, drink or even medications.  Please speak to your doctor before mixing CBD with any medications.  We are not doctors and are not giving medical advice!

4.  Monitor and track your results in every area you can.

Make sure to take note of any changes or lack thereof.  You may need to give it that full two weeks or you may need a little more or less but we have to find a baseline somehow.

5.  Adjust your serving size and possibly the strength of CBD oil tincture!

If you feel you need to change the serving size you can easily move to a full dropper or 1mL and that will give you double the MG’s which is actually 1 serving of the next strength up.  So if that is what you need in the end, you can just order the next strength up!

Hope this helps you get started or maybe reset your usage of CBD!

You know where to find us!


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