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What Makes the Strongest CBD Oil?

If you’re just getting into the wonderful world of CBD, then you might be thrown for a loop when you come face to face with all of the information that’s out there. And while it can be quick and convenient to jump online and buy CBD oil from the first brand that pops up in your search engine, you might be unpleasantly surprised when you get your oil and find that it’s not everything you hoped it would be.

When it comes to CBD, you’ll want to make sure the product you’re buying is the cleanest, most potent one on the market. Even though there are many brands and products to choose from, not all of them are created equal. Before you spend any of your hard-earned money, you might want to take the time to learn what factors go into making the strongest CBD oil. Please note that when we’re talking about the strongest CBD oil, we’re discussing oils that are federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill and that are derived from the hemp plant. CBD oils made from the marijuana plant are only legal in states where recreational and/or medicinal marijuana products are legal, as they contain well over the permissible limit of 0.3% THC.

What is CBD Oil?

Put simply, CBD oil is what you get when you combine the extracted cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients of the hemp plant into a fatty carrier oil like hemp seed oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. These types of oils are medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils that are easy to digest and that have their own health benefits linked to them. Some brands also infuse natural flavorings into their oils to help subdue the earthy taste of the hemp extract. CBD oils can vary in consistency, color, and flavor.

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How Strength is Determined

The strength of a CBD oil depends on how the oil is formulated. There are CBD isolate oils that are the purest form of CBD, or cannabidiol, available. These types of oils are made when the brand uses a special process to filter out every part of the hemp plant, leaving a 99% pure crystalline form of CBD. This crystalized CBD is then suspended in a carrier oil. There are also full-spectrum and broad spectrum oils that are very minimally processed and purified. These types of oils have the largest range of cannabinoids, vitamins, phytonutrients, and terpenes. In broad spectrum oils, all of the THC is filtered out, while in full-spectrum oils, only 0.3% or less THC is kept in.

Most people think that the strength of an oil can easily be found by reading a product’s label to see how much CBD it contains. However, because oils can be CBD isolate, full-spectrum, or broad spectrum, it can be somewhat tricky to figure out the strength. Also, some brands are not forthright or honest in how they label their products. When thinking about oil strength, what’s meant is oil potency. This translates to the amount of CBD per volume in a product. For example, if you have two 30ml bottles of CBD oil, but one contains 3000mg of CBD and the other contains 6000mg of CBD, the strongest product will be the 6000mg bottle. The bottle that has 6000mg of CBD contains 6000mg of CBD per 30ml container, whereas the 3000mg bottle only amounts to 3000mg of CBD per 30ml container. The 6000mg oil is therefore twice as strong as the 3000mg oil. You would have to take twice as much of the weaker oil to achieve the same dose of the stronger one.

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Even more confusing is the fact that some brands only list the percentage of CBD in the oil. For example, one label may read that the CBD in the oil is 99% pure (if it’s a CBD isolate), or 70% pure if it’s a broad spectrum or full-spectrum oil. All this is telling you is the strength of CBD in the oil. It’s not telling you how potent the oil is by volume. Therefore, you won’t be able to accurately know how strong a single dose will be. If you have a product with a label like this, then continue searching the label and on the brand’s website to find out how much CBD the product contains in milligrams. Additionally, read any and all third-party lab reports that the brand posts on its website, as these will tell you the exact strength and potency of the hemp plant, and then the extracts at every stage of distillation, including the final product.

Why Strength Matters

CBD oil strength matters more than most people think. The stronger the oil is, the more potent it will be, therefore the effects it will produce may be mightier. Moreover, researchers seem to think that full-spectrum and broad spectrum oils are more potent and effective over CBD isolate oils because they contain components of the whole hemp plant and not just CBD, or cannabidiol, in isolation. When all of the parts of the hemp plant are present in a CBD oil, they can evoke what’s known as the entourage effect. In the entourage effect, the cannabinoids and terpenes boost up each other's positive properties while decreasing their negative ones.

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Every human and animal has an endocannabinoid system, or ECS that engages with the body’s own natural endocannabinoids to help bring it back into a state of balance. While CBD isolate can be helpful, there are more ways for CBD to interact with the endocannabinoid system when all of the parts of the hemp plant that are found in full- and broad spectrum CBD oils are included. In order to get the most out of your CBD oil so that you can properly put that strength to work, it’s advised that you hold the oil under your tongue for about 60 seconds and then swish it around in your mouth before swallowing. When you do this, you’re giving the cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients a chance to enter into your bloodstream through the thin membranes in your mouth and under your tongue. In this way, most of the cannabinoids can bypass the digestive system where they would be further broken down before entering into the bloodstream.

CBD Oil Variety

CBD oil variety is another aspect that matters when it comes to strength. Since everyone’s body is different, one strength and variety that works best for one person might not be the best option for someone else. You can buy some of the strongest full-spectrum CBD oil through FAB CBD. Our pure CBD oil comes in a variety of strengths and in delicious natural flavors that you’ll be sure to love. The strength of the oil that you choose will be largely determined on how your particular body reacts to CBD, and other factors such as size and weight. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to be committed to a specific strength for the rest of your life. You can, and may need to, increase or decrease the oil strength and/or the dosage over time according to what your body needs. If, however, you’re concerned about the THC in full-spectrum products, then you can shift over to broad spectrum or CBD isolate products like our CBD gummies. At the end of the day, the choice is all yours.

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Making it All Make Sense

CBD oil strength is important, but overall, the strength and variety of the oil you decide to go with will be best determined by some trial and error in what works best for you. The best oil strength or dosage might be different than what you expect. Before you purchase any type of CBD product, you should always investigate the brand and thoroughly read both the product labels as well as the third-party lab reports so that you can be properly informed about the CBD oil’s potency, purity, and effectiveness. Whether you choose a 600mg bottle of oil or a 2400mg bottle of oil, you need to make sure it's clean, clearly labeled, thoroughly tested, and is something you feel best suits your goals. As with any natural supplement, it pays to spend some time doing your research before diving in head first. And once you select a CBD oil that you think is suitable, then you’ll need to be patient and pay attention to how you feel as you start your new regimen. This is the only way to truly figure out which potency or dosage is right for you.