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How to Make CBD Gummies at Home

Those gummy candies you loved as a kid are all grown up. Thanks to an infusion of CBD, gummies have now become a popular treat for adults to take every day. 

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are just like regular gummies, but they are either coated or infused with CBD (cannabidiol). Just like you can find multivitamins and calcium supplements in the form of chewy candies, CBD gummies are one of the most popular ways for people to take their CBD every day. Why so popular? Probably because they are tasty!

CBD gummies are usually sweetened and given fruity flavors that please our tastebuds and delight us as we enjoy chewing them like a little treat. For many, it's a lot more fun to chew a candy-like supplement than to take a pill or put oil under your tongue. And because hemp-derived CBD products are federally legal throughout the United States, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on top-quality gummies made by highly respected and trusted brands. 

Why Should You Consider Making Your Own CBD Gummies?

There are many reasons why you can make your own CBD gummies, but it’s entirely up to you to decide if you should be making them based on your needs and time. In general, you might choose to make your own CBD gummies because:

  • You’ll be able to control CBD concentration: Because the CBD oil market is flooded with a wealth of brands, there’s a strong variety of CBD concentrations to choose from. FAB CBD full spectrum CBD Oil comes in flavors of mint, citrus, vanilla, berry, and natural, and in concentrations of 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg per bottle, so you can easily bump up or pare down how concentrated your gummies will be. If you’re new to using CBD, then you probably should go with a lower dose. When you make your own CBD gummies, you’re able to have complete control over how concentrated they are. 
  • You can tailor the recipe to suit your dietary needs: Whether you’re paleo, keto, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or have other dietary concerns, you can tweak the gummy recipe to work best for you. You might want to consider making your own CBD gummies if the products out on the market don’t work for your unique diet. The recipe below should work for most diets. 
  • You can make your gummies clean and nutritious: When you make your own gummies, you have control over the ingredients that you’ll use. For example, you can use grass-fed gelatin and organic fruit that’s bursting with antioxidants. 
  • Make your own gummies if money is tight: Since CBD gummies (those that are top-quality and clean) are fairly expensive, you can make your own to drastically cut down on the cost of buying them.
  • You can play with different shapes: Since you’re making your own gummies, why not have some fun with how they’re shaped? That’s the beauty of making your own gummies: you can make them into any shape that you desire. You can turn your gummies into bears, hearts, stars, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Homemade CBD Gummies Vs. Store-bought CBD Gummies

When deciding whether to make your own gummies, you'll want to think about your goal. If you're trying to save money, the truth is that the price of materials and the price of your time collecting the ingredients, making the gummies, and cleaning up might end up being pretty much equal to the cost of a store-bought gummy. However, if you're interested in having more control over the flavor and potency of your gummies, then making them at home is really the only way you can handpick those details.

There may be some trial and error with your own recipes, but if you are willing to put in some effort you can get a really great result! It's not actually too complicated to make a basic gummy, but if you're vegan stay away from gelatin. The recipe below uses gelatin and therefore is not vegan, but an alternative would be to use pectin. If you go this route, you may have to play around a little bit with proportions and timing.

Can You Get “High” From Taking CBD Gummies?

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Hemp-based CBD gummies will not cause you to feel “high” after taking them. Even though by law they must only contain 0.3% or less THC, the small amount of this cannabinoid that causes a euphoric effect is not enough to evoke a “high” sensation. CBD gummies can come in full-spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate varieties. Full and broad spectrum gummies contain all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients in the hemp plant, but broad spectrum gummies don’t contain any THC. Therefore, if you have concerns about THC, or are subjected to regular drug tests, then you might want to opt for broad spectrum or CBD isolate gummies. 

    A Quick Recipe for CBD Gummies

    This quick CBD gummy recipe is easy and delicious. We recommend using FAB CBD Full-Spectrum CBD oil, or another full- or broad spectrum oil from a reputable brand so that you’ll be able to pack your gummies with the hemp plant’s goodness of terpenes, phytonutrients, and cannabinoids. 

    What You’ll Need

    • Food-grade Silicone Molds (Make Sure They’re BPA-free)
    • Whisk
    • Medium-Sized Saucepan
    • Oven Mitts
    • Funnel


    • 1 Cup of Your Choice of Fruit Juice (Stay away from kiwi, pineapple, and papaya juice because they interfere with the gelling process.)
    • 2 Tbsp. of Gelatin
    • 2 Tbsp local honey
    • 2ml of 1200mg FAB CBD Full-Spectrum CBD Oil


    1. Heat the juice in the saucepan on low heat to a simmer.
    2. Mix in the gelatin and honey and whisk for one minute until combined. 
    3. Shut off the heat. Incorporate the CBD oil. Slowly whisk the mixture once more to ensure all of the ingredients are evenly distributed. 
    4. Pour the liquid into the mold. Use the funnel to ensure that you don’t spill any of the liquid. Use caution because the liquid will be hot, so you may have to use your oven mitts. 
    5. Once you’ve poured the liquid into the mold, transfer it to the refrigerator so it can solidify. 
    6. After about a half-hour, you can check to see if the gummies have set. If so, remove them from the mold. 
    7. Optional: You can also put some natural sugar into a sandwich bag and add a few gummies at a time. Close the bag and shake. This will coat your gummies with sugar. 
    8. Store your gummies in an airtight container. They will expire in about 10 days. If the weather is warm, or you live in a warmer region, then you may want to store your gummies in your refrigerator. 

    How Can You Figure Out Your Optimal CBD Dose?

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    Making your CBD gummies is easy. Figuring out your best CBD dose is a little more involved. The great thing about making your own CBD gummies is that you can decide ahead of time how potent you want them to be. A simple way to figure out your best CBD dose for your batch of gummies is to: 

    • Decide the dose you want each gummy to be. 
    • Multiply that dose by the number of gummies you’ll be making.
    • Look at the concentration of FAB CBD oil that you’re using to figure out how much oil you’ll need to add. 

    As an example, if you’re making 60 gummies and you need for each gummie to contain 2mg of CBD and you’re using FAB CBD Full Spectrum Oil in 1200mg, then the calculation is as follows: 

    • 2mg of CBD per gummy x 60 gummies = 120mg of oil
    • 120mg of oil divided by 40mg per mL = 3mL of CBD oil for your recipe

    To figure out how many mg of CBD is in a mL (or dropperfull) you need to divide 1200mg of CBD by 30mL. So 1200mg divided by 30mL =40mg. This means that there are 40mg of CBD per dropper full of FAB CBD 1200mg full spectrum oil. 

    Useful Tips and Tricks for Excellent Gummies

    • Don’t let your liquid get to a rolling boil. Hot liquid will break down the components in the CBD oil and also cause a weird flavor. 
    • You can also add in Vitamin C powder to your gummies for an extra boost. 
    • Because oil and water don’t mix, you’ll need to work quickly to make sure your mixture doesn’t separate as you’re adding it into your mold.
    • Tart cherry juice is also an excellent juice to use in the making of your gummies.
    • Only use gelatin in your recipe, as collagen will not gel. 

    Is This Feeling Too Complicated?

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    If you don’t want to take the time to make your own gummies or if you feel like there will be a lot of unnecessary hassle involved in this process, then you can always buy CBD gummies instead. FAB CBD has two amazing gummy options to choose from: “Anytime” CBD gummies or “Nighttime” PM CBD gummies. Our gummies are tasty, easy to use, and fun to take. They’re excellent for anyone who doesn’t want to mess around with dosages and great for people with an on-the-go lifestyle. The CBD dose in each gummy is predetermined, so there’s no figuring anything out. “Anytime” gummies contain 25mg of pure CBD isolate per gummy, while our “Nighttime” PM CBD Chews contain 12.5mg of clean and potent broad spectrum CBD per gummy. Not only that, but “Anytime” gummies come in tasty fruit flavors, while “Nighttime” gummies come in a delicious Ashwagandha flavor. With our special “Nighttime” gummies, you’ll also be able to take advantage of all the good stuff that L-Theanine, Melatonin, GABA, and 5-HTP have to offer. 

    Along with the convenience of buying gummies from a reputable brand, you also won’t have to worry so much about shelf life. When you make your own gummies, you’ll only have just 10 days to eat them. Professionally made gummies, like the ones we craft at FAB CBD, can last up to two years. This is a big fact to take into consideration before making your own CBD gummies. So, while making your own gummies can be fun and easy, you might want to take advantage of the convenience, shelf life, and ease that come along with high-quality gummies made by respected brands.