How It's Made!

How It's Made!

How are FAB CBD Products Made?

From our farm of over 1000 acres of organically grown Colorado hemp, our plants head over to the lab next door where it's then extracted with a method called CO2 Extraction. CO2 extraction works at lower temperatures than most other methods. That makes this method better at preserving CBD and terpenes, or flavors, of the plant. This often makes the finished product more desirable. CO2 extraction is also much better for the environment.

Flavoring, Terpenes & Bottling!

The fun part is getting our CBD oil to taste and perform properly. Once we got just right amount of cannabinoids in the extract we make sure the right amount of terpenes are included and if we are short on anything, we may add some in to really create a premium experience! Flavoring we have hand selected natural flavorings that we've catered to each strength to be sure you can still taste the flavor you purchased! The higher the concentration, say the 2400mg, the "hempier" it is going to taste so we had to get our flavors to adjust to that. This is all done in our Colorado lab and facilities which are FDA registered and USDA organic certified!

Labeling, Boxing & Shipping!

Once we've finished our formula's and have everything bottled, capped and sealed. We then ship them to our Midwest facility located in Milwaukee Wisconsin where we do all of our shipping and our HQ is located. With a full equipped 200,000 sqft facility here we are able to ship out thousands of orders a day with awesome delivery times! We've seen orders arrive to customers in as little as 3 days from ordering!

Customer Experience & Mission!

The 2nd most important part behind quality products. We MUST MUST MUST have amazing customer service and create an experience for customers to learn, grow, feel comfortable to ask questions about your products. We feel we have done this and continue to learn everyday from you and grow everyday in those new areas! Our mission as a company is to provide amazing products that help people live stronger lives day to day while being apart of a company that truly cares about people. People of all kinds. We have been donating to different causes for years. We plan on doing even more this year in light of everything going on. We want to be a shining light where there is darkness. We want to be apart of the change. We stand for equality. We stand for justice. We stand for real change. We've got your back at FABCBD (#BLM). So that is what we are going to work towards as a company. We will walk the walk, not just talk the talk. You can trust us and join us by simply shopping with us. We are so excited you are here with us to witness and be apart of it with us. When you buy from FAB CBD, you are helping us give back and make real change in the world. We thank you, we appreciate you, we respect you, we care about you, we welcome you. Let's make this year count! We got this if we do it together! Sincerely, Team FABCBD Shop: