CBD Laws in the United States 2019

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CBD Laws in the United States 2019

CBD Laws in the United States 2019

CBD is a miracle compound that has proven to deliver transformational health benefits to a wide variety of debilitating ailments. Despite its proven track record to create life-changing results for so many people the understanding of its national legality is not fully comprehended. Let’s dive in to discover more.

So is CBD legal?

When addressing this question, is it legal? Well, the first thing we must uncover is where is the compound coming from, hemp or marijuana? For those that are not aware, Hemp is entirely different from marijuana in its function, cultivation, and application.

As you are probably aware, all cannabis is illegal to produce in the United States. Hemp, however, is legal to import and is grown in more than thirty countries. Currently, more than $500 million worth of hemp product is imported every year.

Marijuana, while still a massive industry in the black market is even banned in America. As well as, most countries due to its psychoactive effects, many nations still classify marijuana as a narcotic. Hemp however and all hemp related products are legal due to the absence of this side effect.

Therefore, yes CBD is legal in all fifty states but only if the compound is hemp-derived. There is still a negative stigma about the product however due to the lack of clarification and understanding of the distinction mentioned above.

Hemp is grown on an industrial scale in many countries to create a variety of products such as paper, textiles and other goods. Only recently since the 2014 Farm Bill has the hemp industry been fully authorized to open up departments to start growing the plant in mass production.

CBD and its life-changing benefits are becoming a favorite topic of discussion. It is essential to monitor where you purchase your CBD. That is because the product is still technically considered a drug by the FDA. If you are buying from a company that you can trust however you have nothing to fear which is why legitimacy and presentation are of the utmost importance to us with any and all of our products.

It’s Legal & It’s Working.