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CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil: Which One is Better?

Thanks to all of the advancements in the CBD industry, those who use and who love CBD products have so many more options to choose from. While CBD oil is a classic choice that is a favorite among many people still, some brands have also been offering CBD capsules as an alternative. Knowing the difference between these two products doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or confusing. This week, learn more about whether CBD capsules or CBD oils are the better choice for you!

CBD Oils and CBD Capsules: Some Comparisons

Even though CBD capsules contain CBD oil in an easy to swallow capsule form, there are many reasons why you might want to opt for CBD oil instead. One of the biggest differences between CBD capsules and CBD oil is that because CBD capsules are swallowed, they must be broken down by the digestive system before the CBD can enter into the bloodstream. This means that it could take anywhere from 30-90 minutes before you feel CBD’s full effects. Conversely, when you take CBD oil, it’s dropped under the tongue and held there for around 60-seconds. In doing this, the CBD is able to enter into the bloodstream sublingually through the tongue’s thin membranes. Sublingually taking CBD oil will allow you to feel its full effects in anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

A woman drops CBD oil under her tongue

If you are able to take CBD oil, many brands like FAB CBD offer their full-spectrum oils in an array of delicious flavors like vanilla, citrus, berry, mint, or natural. CBD capsules don’t contain any flavor at all, and may be suitable for those who do not wish to taste anything while taking their CBD. Both CBD capsules and CBD oil can come in full-spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate varieties and in many different strengths. What’s interesting is that CBD capsules can last longer in the body because when they are swallowed, the liver slowly releases CBD into the body, as opposed to what happens when CBD oil is taken sublingually. When the CBD oil enters into the body, it bypasses the liver altogether.


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CBD oil is very easy to take. You simply have to squeeze your desired amount into the dropper and place the oil under your tongue. After holding it there for around 60 seconds or less, you can either swallow the oil or swish it around in your mouth to increase absorption before swallowing. FAB CBD full-spectrum oils are easy to take and come in strengths of 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, and 2400mg, and in a variety of tasty, smooth flavors. Since some people have a tough time liking the natural flavor of hemp-derived oils, they often opt to use flavors like vanilla or citrus that are more pleasing to their palate. When CBD oil is taken, it's advised to start at the lowest dose and then gradually increase over time until you have found the right dose for your body and needs. The oil should also be taken around the same time each and every day because consistency helps the body to learn how to work with the oil.

The Pros of CBD Oil

  • CBD oil is a tried and true product that will never go out of style. People can choose from a wide array of strengths and flavors.
  • Oils come with a dropper so that you can easily adjust your serving size and dosage.
  • CBD oils are more bioavailable than CBD capsules. This means that more CBD enters into the bloodstream from the oil, so lower doses can be used and are still just as effective.
  • It’s a fairly easy and straightforward process to take CBD oils.

The Cons of CBD Oil

  • Some people might not enjoy the earthy flavor of hemp-derived CBD oil, even with natural flavorings added.
  • CBD oil may feel less convenient to transport or travel with.
  • Taking CBD oil is a bit harder to do discreetly since you use a dropper to place it under your tongue.

CBD Capsules

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CBD capsules contain the same ingredients as CBD oil. The only difference is that the oil is placed into an easy to swallow gel capsule form. Capsules have the look and feel of any other supplement. Also, like other supplements, they can be easily swallowed with juice, water, or any other liquid you prefer.

The Pros of CBD Capsules

  • CBD capsules are portable and easy to take along anywhere.
  • You can discreetly take CBD capsules, so there’s no need to worry about who’s looking at you while you take it.
  • There’s no odor or flavor to CBD capsules. Therefore, if you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, you can still get your daily dose of CBD without worrying about flavor or scent issues.

The Cons of CBD Capsules

  • Even though CBD capsules are easy and convenient, they have a lower bioavailability than CBD oils do. Moreover, because capsules have to be broken down by the digestive system, they lose some of their potency before the CBD enters into your bloodstream.
  • Capsules tend to be less popular than CBD oils. Because of this, the brands that do offer capsules do not have a lot of potencies or formulations for customers to choose from.
  • Because the dosage of CBD capsules is predetermined, they might not be the best alternative for those who need higher or lower doses of CBD.

Choosing Between CBD Oil vs. CBD Capsules

The product you choose will ultimately be determined by a few different points. Things like flavor sensitivities, dosage control, potency, and convenience will all factor into your consideration.

Closing Thoughts on CBD Oil or CBD Capsules: Which One is Better?

A close-up of a man's hands getting a dose of CBD oil into the dropper while he sits in his car.

Choosing CBD oil or CBD capsules is a decision based on your personal preferences. Therefore, you should weigh out every option and every pro and con before making a purchase. Some things to consider are bioavailability, flavor, precise dosages, convenience, and how easy the product is to use. If you’re looking for a more precise dosing, amazing flavor options, and better bioavailability, then CBD oil will be a perfect fit for you. FAB CBD has a wonderful array of strengths and flavors to choose from. Moreover, the droppers on FAB CBD’s oils are easy to use. In fact, customers who purchase the oils keep doing so time and again because not only are FAB CBD’s full-spectrum oils some of the best in the industry, but they also continue to impress with their quality and consistency. If CBD oils aren’t your thing, then capsules will be a better fit for you. The doses are predetermined and taking CBD capsules out in public can be a discreet, quick, and easy experience. Lastly, you can also learn more about the differences between CBD oils vs CBD gummies by clicking here.